Saturday, November 14, 2009

My First Torched Enamel Pieces

Had a fabulous class today. Torch Enameling by Steven James.

Here’s what I made in this half day class:

Considering this is the first time I've used enamels like this, I think the results are okay. This is a skill I plan to continue working on to improve. I really like it.

Learned a lot this weekend that will help me in my attempt to minimalize by studio set-up as well as continue in a greener direction with everything. I’ll touch on these things in future posts.

On Nov 13th's blog post, Melanie-Pearl commented: L.O.V.E. the colors! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! you know what's funny about that riveted jump ring---i just paid $100 for link-lock jump rings yesterday. i'm going to use them on some custom orders i'm putting together. i figured the expense was worth it because i don't won't to be repairing these orders for life. (they have enamelling on them so i don't want to solder them shut.) i can hardly imagine setting a hundred tiny rivets in tiny jump rings. did you need a microscope? :)

Ha! Thanks for the compliment, Melanie. I, too, love the colors, but I don’t think I can sell any of these creations until I do a LOT of testing… the first thing we were told in class is that these colors are temporary. Hmph! They won’t FADE, but they will eventually WEAR. I want to define “eventually” a little more… and I want to test out a variety of coatings in an attempt to make the longevity of the jewelry a bit more.

Wow… that’s a lot of link-locks you bought, but they sure look like they’d come in handy. I hope you bought them at somewhere like OttoFrei ‘cause I just saw some somewhere else for $4.55 each. Eek!

Too funny about the microscope. :-) It wasn’t as dreadful to do as it looks. The jumpring is actually 19mm, so it’s pretty big. I might try making a few for a more industrial-type necklace. We’ll see.

BTW, I love the rings in your blog today. You rock!


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  1. Great job on the enamel! I do mine in the kiln but maybe should try firing them under the torch again. I have a friend who screen prints and we've talked about screen printing and then using fine mesh enamel. there's also this if you are interested in the big-scale production enamel. i like seeing it. i also saw cloisonne enameling done in China by hand once. One more tip, if you are in the market for enamel, try Thompon's Opaque and Transparent sampler sets. I've gotten miles out of my little sample bags!

    I got 100 of the little jump rings for that price from Rio. No doubt some of these places are a rip off...esp if it's anything trendy. I saw a 1/2" copper circle 18g for .99 the other day while surfing the net. !!! (Still, I paid a dollar per jump ring! So necessary until I figure out how to torch next to enamel better.)

    Too bad about the patina not being set. Gotta pray for a scientist who loves the color as much as we do. how to stablize those atoms?