Monday, September 28, 2009

DIY Photo Cube for $6... and some new Metal Clay pieces

So… did some “green” things (well, in my book anyway).

Aside from the jewelry I made with my current bead stash (see this post from my Laura Bracken blog), I made some jewelry out of metal clay… yay!

Not listed yet…

Traded for beads…

This past weekend, I also gave up on my tent sized photo cube. The light sources were just too far away.

So I went to Ross’ and bought a lampshade for $6.

It had a white liner material and a tan outer material. I removed the tan outer material.

Then I was left with a strong frame with diffusing material on it and the cube is small enough to get my light sources (two Ott lights and a fluorescent photo light) closer to the object.

See the camera on top… shooting straight down into the improvised photo cube?

Anyway, Gabe wants the internet so I’m going to say goodbye. Hope to check in next time without as much time between.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just a quick update

I think I'm getting closer to what is it that I want to put into or add to my jewelry that will make it distinctly mine. Unfortunately, it won't be anything visually noticeable (I don't think). It has more to do with how a piece FEELS… or how it feels when worn.

Sigh… so hard to describe. But it feels right to me so I'm going with it.

Today's Friday and there's no hockey so I'll be heading over to Hadar's for class (after I check the website to make sure she's in town). I need s'more PMC standard so I can finish my pendant… would like to have finished my leaf necklace before I go. Might be a possibility.

Gem show this weekend. Heh… another big day of temptation (except it's worse this time because I actually HAVE some spending money).

These guys do really nice work on recycled clothing. Check 'em out!